from The Journal of Nicholas Cresswell

Friday. May 19th, 1775

Proceeded down the river.. Passed the mouth of the little Miamme River on the N.W. and Salt River or Licking Creek on the S.E.  Saw an Elk and a Bear cross the river, but could not get a shot at them.  Got to the mouth of the Great Miamme River on the N.W.  It is about 100 yards wide at the mouth and appears to be a pretty gentle current.  Stopped to cook and take a view of land on the S. E. side of the Ohio River.  It is a little hilly but rich beyond conception.  Wild Clover, what they here call wild Oats and Wild Rye in such plenty it might be mown and would turn out a pretty good crop.  The great quantity of grass makes it disagreeable walking. The land is thin of timber and little underwood.  Drifted all night.

Saturday, May 20th, 1775

In the morning in doubt whether we had passed Elephant Bonelick or not.  Went ashore at a small creek on the S. W.  side in quest of it, but in vain.  Believe we are too low down the river according to our Charts.  Begun to rain about noon.  Floated down the River till night when we moored to a stump in the middle of the stream.  Some of our company are in a panic about the Indians again.  Shot at a Panther this afternoon, but missed him.  Hot weather with Thunder.