He Has Excited Domestic Insurrections Among Us – Declaration of Independence


Such was one of the charges which the patriots of ’76 made to the world against George III, and one of their reasons for dissolving all connections with the mother country. Little did they suppose that, before a century would roll round, the Government they were laboring to establish would have a similar stigma put upon it, by a fanatical President, whom the people in their blindness had elected as their Chief Magistrate.  Yet so it is. 

The President of the American Republic, January 1, 1863, issued his proclamation declaring free over three millions of slaves, in some ten Southern States, four of them belong to the original thirteen that took part in the issuing of the Declaration of Independence - thereby inciting them to insurrections.  Well may the patriotic stop and imagine whether we are on the right road, when we adopt measures which, we announced to the world in our celebrated Declaration of Independence, caused to take up arms in rebellion, and proclaim an eternal separation from the parent Government.


Cincinnati Enquirer, January 4, 1863