Northern Kentucky Views owes big thanks to lots of folks. Don Prout has been unceasingly generous in sharing his collection of Northern Kentucky images, and I am deeply appreciative of his sharing.  Don's own page of Cincinnati images - well over 10,000 of them - is Cincinnati Views.

Darrell Maines, of Warsaw's Maines Hardware has been especially generous in sharing his spectacular collection of images from Gallatin and neighboring counties.  A sincere thanks, Darrell.  I also want to thank Alex Weldon, has generously allowed me to scan lots of her family's Gallatin County pictures, and Dale Samuel, whose Sparta contributions are much appreciated.

Carl Howell Jr. has allowed me to scan dozens of cards from his remarkable collection of Kentucky images, and I am very thankful for his cooperation. I'm indebted to Maysville's Bill Boggs, who is responsible for the strength of my Mason County pages, and to Bob Adams, who has been more than generous in sharing his Bracken and Campbell County images. John Henderson allowed us to use many of the great old pictures he posts to Facebook, and we're deeply appreciative. I owe a big thanks to Bill Feldman for sharing dozens quality images from his collection.

I want to thank Bill Davis for his ongoing support and background information on all things Carroll County, and I want to thank Bridget Striker at the Hebron Library and to the Chapin Library in Petersburg.  Thanks to the Lloyd Library's Kathy Connick.  Thanks to John Lenox, Caroline Miller, and the Bracken County Historical Society.  Carol Hudson has shared with me lots of pictures from any number of Northern Kentucky Counties, for which I'm ever in her debt.

Mr. Asa "Buddy" Rouse has supplied many great Walton and Verona images, and Mr. Matt Becher of the Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board has allowed me to scan many of that organization's images, in part collected by his predecessor, Ms. Susan Cabot.  Thanks to Ed and Janet Hardin for some great old Walton images.  Thanks to Genna Lou Schwab Murray for sharing her Walton pictures, and Janice Grubbs for her input.

The Erlanger Historical Society has generously allowed me to use the “leftovers” from their Arcadia book, and for that I am very grateful.  Thanks folks. Thanks to Jim Ball for sharing some of his L&N photos, and Cheryl York and Ron Dunn for Pendleton Images.  Thanks to David Webb for his help identifying some Gallatin County folks. 

The Covington Library has a remarkable collection of local history, and it's been invaluable in getting background information for my pages.  I've also found the Newport Library, The Louisville Free Public Library, and the University of Kentucky's King and Young Libraries helpful. 

And odd as it may seem, thanks to the Sanborn Map Company, for creating beautiful graphic text images a hundred years ago. Our headers are the result of copying, cutting, pasting and editing the title pages of their magnificent maps. They have absolutely superb graphics. Thanks to the States of Kansas, Colorado, and New Jersey for putting them freely on the web for me to steal graphics from!

And last but least, thanks to all of the people who have gone before me who have jotted down notes; who published community histories in local newspapers; who sent me emails, who posted memories and pictures on Facebook, who made sure their stories and pictures survived. 

Small town history is built on the snippets of information that endure.  Do your part.