Class of 1934-35

from the left

Front Row.  Kerry Davis, Harry D. Mayhugh, ???, Russell Groger, Nathan Northcutt, Roland Haney, Billy Ewing, Jack Crutcher.

Second Row. J. O. Dudgeon. Rayburn Simpson, Kenneth Locke, Raymond Pennington, Paul Gross, ???, James Harold Coyle, Stan McElroy.

Third Row.  Nelda Campbell, Bonnie ??, Rose Ann Ewell, Evelyn Coffman, Wanda Lou Conrad, Doris Glenn, Wanda Neal, Jane Ewell, Garaldine Elliott, ???, Ella Mae Chambers

Back Row.  Ernestine Webster, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, Mabel Cook, ??Howard, Evelyn Phillips Sizemore, Norvel Marsh, Laura Marsh.


Thanks to Evelyn and Stan, and Geraldine Elliott Harris for the student identifications above.  If you know more, you can email me here.