The Constance School
 In 1868 school was opened in a little one-room school on the spot where Henry Kottmeyer, Jr., no lives.  Henry Kotmeyer, Sr., owner of the ferryboat at Constance, was a pupil at the school.

 The school remained on the Kottmeyer site for something like five years, and then was moved to another location.  That site is now owned by Henry Kottmeyer Sr., and occupied by Fred Vahlsing.  The school was next located on the north side of the road near the "elbow" of the Mile hill, and thence to a location on Worrel Run Creek.  The school remained there only a few years, and was then moved to its present location.

 The present school was built over a third of a century ago.  Mr. Lon Voshel, now of Union, was the superintendent of Boone county at that time.  IT was a one-room building until ten years ago.  Constance had grown to a village that a one-room school would not accommodate.  Another room was added and another teacher was employed.

 Constance has continued to grow, and a two-room school will no longer accommodate the children.  A modern three room building will be erected.

 The Constance school has continued to make progress, and is now one of the leading schools in the county.  The school has won the scholastic events in the Boone county tournaments for one and two room schools for three consecutive years.

 Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Lents are the teachers of the Constance school.  They have recently been employed by the County Board of Education for their fifth consecutive term at Constance. 

Mr. Lents hails from Western Kentucky, having been born in Marshall county, February 22, 1896.  He received his common school education and two years of high school from the Hardin graded and High School, Hardin, Kentucky, and graduated from the Murray Normal School. 

Mrs. Lents (nee Mollie Newman) is a Boone county product, having been born in Union.  She graduated from the Union High School in 1919.  She attended the Eastern State Teachers College at Richmond three summers, and graduated from the Murray State Teachers College last year., receiving a B.S. degree.



by R. V. Lents, from the 1930  Historical Edition  of  the Boone County Recorder