Daugherty's Store in Devon


My Grandparents house actually sat on the site where the Bi-county store is located (Bi-county has two buildings. The original building (the Bi-county warehouse) is to the right as you look at the buildings today from US-25, and their newer building (the Bi-county store) is to the left) and their General Store sat to the left of that....opposite of Richardson Rd....pretty much where Weaver Rd is now. My Grandparents were Lawrence and Maude Daugherty. My grandfather passed away in the late 1950s and the store changed hands within the family a few times in the 60s before finally closing due to competition from Krogers and the new Albers store in Florence. My Grandmother, who lived to be 101, finally passed away in the mid-90s.


from Les Daugherty. Thanks, Les.