The Petersburg Bear

When Kentucky was sparsely settled, in the very early 1800's, and earlier, bears were common in the area. But as more people moved in, the bears were hunted for their meat (one of Daniel Boone's favorite foods was reportedly bear liver) and their skins. They soon disappeared completely from the area. However, the Loder diaries note that on April 16, 1857, the owner of the Petersburg distillery, Mr. William Snyder, took delivery of a bear. 

Here are the relevant Loder Diary entries:

April 16, 1857 Mr. Snyder got a bear from Evansville

July 5, 1857 Samuel Johnson's boy got his arm hurt and otherwise bruised by Mr. Snyder's bear. 

August 21, 1857 Mr. Snyder's bear got loose, bit his Negro girl, and ran half over the town. But he jumped over into Mrs. Snelling's yard where Perry McNeeley caught him then tied a long cable to the piece of chain that was to the bear and took him back to his box.

Dec. 24, 1857 Mr. Snelling made Mr. Snyder kill his bear.