The subscriber, proprietor of the town of TAYLORSVILLE, situate in Boone county, Ky., on the Ohio river, at the mouth of Elijah's creek, 13 miles below Cincinnati, offers for sale Lots in said Town at moderate prices, and will give time for payment to purchasers, for a part at least, or the same can be discharged by chopping cordwood near the town at 50 cents per cord.  This town has a good location, having a fine back country, a first rate landing for Steam Boats and a ferry across the river, lately established at that place.  S3veral lots have been donated to Mechanics who have located thee; and the subscriber will donate to a tanner, Wagonmaker, Cooper, and Tobacconist, each a lot, if they will establish themselves in said town, and comply with the conditions as stated on a plat of said town in the possession of James Robinson.  There is a Post Office and two Stores in the place, and the regular Packet boats touch at that point twice a day.

On Friday, the 13th of this month, the subscriber will attend at said place and receive sealed proposals for renting a Tavern, two stories high, with six rooms and cellar and other conveniences attached to the same - possession of said house to be given on the first day of March, 1847.  Also - a large Warehouse 41 1/2 feet by about 25 feet, which would make a good Tobacco Factory.  Said property to be rented from one to five years, at a yearly rent; and if rented approved security will be required for the payment of the rent.  The subscriber, however, reserves the right to decline the proposition of any one if he deems the same too low.

The subscriber has in progress several dwelling houses and a warehouse, which will be finished by the first of January next, which will be for rent.  James Robinson is the agent of the subscriber for selling lots, and is empowered to give title bonds; and when the lots are paid for a General Warranty deed will be given the purchasers.

He has a plat of the town and can shew the lots. Several lots of cleared land adjoining the town will be rented on the 123inst.  Persons are invited to attend on that day.

JAS. TAYLOR, Newport., Nov. 7, 1846.


from the Licking Valley Register, November 21, 1846