First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church of Dayton was organized in May, 1850.  The earlier building was on main street, and is yet standing.  The beautiful new building shown on the next page was dedicated in 1895.  Including the parsonage, which is on an adjoining lot, the property foots up $25,000.  The clerk's report for this year shows a membership roll of 340; the Sunday school is large, and the young people's society flourishes.  The pastor, Rev. A. J. Ramsey, came here from Nashville this year, but is not a stranger to his people.  Note: The compiler of these sketches has more than once heard mention of Baptist meetings in Dayton at an earlier date than that given above, as he has heard of Methodist meetings in a log house long before the organization of the present church.  But such reports seem hardly sufficient to establish historical fact.  The new pastor of the Baptist Church, Rev. A. J. Ramsey, is beginning his labors here as this book goes to press.  He is preaching, with general acceptance, to congregations that include many visitors from other churches.  The outlook for the new pastorate is bright.  Some of the Dayton churches have members who live in other cities on this side of the river, while but a few Dayton people hold their membership abroad.  For the present, at least, the church accommodations of the city are ample, and there is little need for citizens to go elsewhere, either for room or for the good and able preaching. [The Dayton church burned down January 16, 2004. Prior to this building, the church was in a structure at the corner of Fifth and Main.  It's thought to be the oldest building still standing in Dayton. One of the features of the church lost in the fire, other than the stained glass windows, was the original church organ.]  


The GAR (a short history of the organization is at this site) held it's annual encampment in Dayton in September,1898.  All of the Dayton images and texts dated 1898 are from the souvenir booklet prepared for the occasion.