Alexandria, Kentucky Alexandria, Kentucky Alexandria, Kentucky
Bank of Alexandria
The bank opened on April 6, 1903
The list of the original officers is here.  
Bank of Alexandria,  c. 1970
Later Northern Kentucky Bank & Trust, later
Provident Bank, later National City Bank, later PNC, later . . .
Lonnie Enzweiler told us this building won awards
for its design when it was first built. 
 He had trouble believing it too.

“On the night of October 26th, a safe deposit vault in the Bank of Alexandria, Ky., a few miles south of Cincinnati, was blown open by cracksmen, and the bank officials state that $40,000 worth of Liberty Bonds were stolen. The robbers did not attack that part of the vault in which the bank’s funds were deposited. They gained entrance to the building by boring a hole in the lock and inserting a small charge of nitroglycerin. The post office at Alexandria, which has a safe deposit box in the bank, lost stamps and money amounting to $1,000. All the telephone wires leading to nearby towns were cut by the robbers.” More about the robbery here.
 From the Bulletin of the N. Y. State Safe Deposit Association, November 1919.

The two banks in Alexandria merge.


Hillcrest Alexandria Pure
Hillcrest Tavern. Or you may know it as Carl Netzer's
from a Facebook post by Larry Douglas

Alexandria Pure, across from where the Village Green is now
from a David Barnard post on Facebook

Hess & Racke Alexandria, Kentucky
Hess & Racke Store Cliff Gosney's Super Service
Station and Tourist Hotel


Seibert Motor Service

Seibert Motor Service


Alexandria, Kentucky Alexandria, Kentucky
Muelenkamp's Funeral
Home, Alexandria
Webb's Motel,
Alexandria, 1962


Alexandria, Kentucky Alexandria, Kentucky Alexandria, Kentucky

The Alexandria Motor Court, thru the years


Alexandria, Kentucky Alexandria, Kentucky
Entrance to Palm Garden, Alexandria 
Take US 27 to Alexandria and turn left
 on Main Street.   Phone Thatcher 68.
Currently the site of the
 Palm Garden Apartments
Silver Fox Farm, a commercial
fox farm. Read about Alexandria's
 Silver Fox Farm, here. (pdf)

John Deere

Ray Sharpe in a 1961 ad for John Deere tractors.


Alexandria merchants from an 1859-60 Gazetteer are here.