St. Joe

The First St. Joseph's
from a Facebook post by Johannah Moran

Cold Spring, Kentucky Cold Spring, Kentucky Cold Spring, Kentucky
St. Joseph Orphanage
Cold Spring, 1922
St. Joseph's Orphanage stood
at the corner of US 27 and
Industrial Road,  where DAV
is today
Holly Hill Protestant
Children's Home,
founded in 1884
“Bishop Maes will dedicate St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, at Cold Spring, Ky., July 14.” Courier Journal, July 7, 1889
Fire at the orphanage in 1884.


Cold Spring, Kentucky

National Headquarters for Disabled Veterans stands where the St. Joseph's Orphanage used to be.


Cold Spring VFD Cold Spring VFD
Hildebrand Blacksmith Shop, near the SW corner of 27 and Marion/Chapman Way. That's Walter Hildebrand standing in the door. In the buggy are his brother George and George's wife Minnie. from a Facebook post by Becky Jones



Sacksteders, on US 27
That's Barney Sacksteder 2nd from the right
from a Facebook post by Jan Sacksteder Lahley


Claremont Inn

Frank Brown's Claremont Inn, at Ripple Creek & Alexandria Pike
from a Facebook post by Larry Douglas


Cold Spring, Kentucky Cold Spring, Kentucky Cold Spring VFD
Grayson's Inn, Cold Spring
a.k.a. Buckskin Bev's, Guys and
 Dolls, the Plantation, etc., etc.
Cold Spring VFD Cold Spring/Crestivew VFD
from a Facebook post by Johannah Moran


Cold Spring, Kentucky

Cold Spring, Kentucky

Aerial View
Cold Spring & Highland Heights
c. 1970
Cold Spring area, 1883


  Cold Spring, Kentucky Barrellhead
“Originally in Newport next to Frisch's at 19th
& Monmouth; little 1 room building.  It was torn
down when they widened US 27, and moved to
where Art's Rental is located now, near where
27 & the AA cross.”
Maurice Hehman, writing on Facebook
The Barrelhead
Earlier, Fahrenholtz Tavern,
followed by Jacks-R-Better.
Across from the DAV .
from a Rob Hadden post on Facebook


Cold Spring, Kentucky Cold Spring, Kentucky
Campbell County Home,
“Cold Springs”
Campbell County
Infirmary, 1922
Census of Northern Kentucky's Paupers in Almshouses, 1910, here.


Cold Spring, Kentucky

Bank of Alexandria, c. 1970


Cold Spring Baptist can trace its origins to 1794. Do you get how far back 1794 is in N Ky history?? Gunfight between Macedonians and Bulgarians on the streets of Cold Spring, here.
Rev. Paul Ryan's history of St. Joseph's church is here. Cold Spring fights smallpox inmates. It says here that there was an eleven and a half foot snake strangling cows in Cold Spring.
“A patent has been issued by the US Government to John Lightfoot, of Cold Spring, Ky., for an improved door-fastener.” Daily Courier, May 16, 1860
The history of St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cold Spring is here (pdf).
Years ago Cold Spring was named Reese's Settlement. The Burr family of Cold Spring and an estate of $3,000,000. In 1882. Here. (pdf) Voters arrested and tied to trees in Cold Spring, in 1866, here.
“Coldspring, Ky., Oct. 4. - A ten-mile march through Coldspring is made daily by the soldiers of Ft. Thomas.  Thursday the hospital corps marched to Coldspring and took position in the play ground of the Coldspring seminary, from which they signaled with a heliograph [Wikipedia] to the large water tower in Ft. Thomas.  Signals could be readily read at Ft. Thomas, and by men at Coldspring also.  The flashes could be seen for many miles.  Corporal Dale, who was in charge of the corps at Coldspring, delivered an interesting talk to the pupils of the Coldspring seminary upon the life of a soldier and the hardships and battles engaged in during the Spanish-American war.”from the Maysville Daily Public Ledger, October 4, 1901