fort thomas highlands

Highlands High School, January, 1954 
That's the old high school on the right (same building as below) . 
The current high school was built in 1937.
 Thanks to Mr. John Deering, former Highlands 
Principal and English teacher, for this image, and the one below



Highlands from the
South, 1935

Aerial View of High School,
and what was then the new
 Middle School  circa 1964

Aerial View,



Highlands Gym, 1935

Death Valley Baseball Field, 1959


Fraternity House at
Highlands, 1957



  Highlands High School 
This building was erected in 1915, and had 93 students that
 first year.  It served until 1962, which was the year it burned down.
The cornerstone was laid on July 25, 1914.



Highlands after the January 6, 1962 fire.

I read on Facebook that the original mascot for the school was the Highlands Blue Devil; that a local clergyman objected to the association of the community to the devil; that the boys' track team had an exceptionally good year that year; and it was remarked that they "flew like birds." This gave rise to the new name for the mascot, the Bluebirds.  Can anyone verify that, or is it just an old wives tale?

Samuel Woodfill

Fort Thomas' Woodfill Elementary School was named after Medal of Honor recipient Samuel Woodfill.  A site about him is here.

The Stars and Stripes, of March 14, 1919, published Woodfill's official Medal of Honor proclamation, here.

Woodfill School's cornerstone was laid on July 22, 1922.

Johnson Elementary is named after WWI hero Robert D. Johnson, who was killed at the Battle of Belleau on June 8, 1918. 
His brother, Claude W. Johnson was the Chairman of the Board of Education at the time.


Miss Ruth Moyer


On N. Ft. Thomas Ave.,
across from Holly

Mount Vernon School
On Highland, across from Newman,
and the only school in Central
 Fort Thomas until the late 1800's.

Woodfill Safety
 Patrol, 1929


"In the spring of 1891  big affair was held in Alexandria, some sort of Campbell County School affair, enormous bucket dinners and unlimited food, etc.  Debate contest was held in the courthouse, and the Highland team won. . . .I seem to recall that the subject was something about the Theatre being more harmful than good, and the Newport people said the Highland boys won because they came from religious families and believed what they argued for while the Newport boys hadn’t given any thought to the subject and their parents had not taught them that it was wrong to go to the theatre.”  From a letter from Harry W. McGinnis, July 10, 1957


The first school in Fort Thomas dates back to c. 1832.  Called the Mt. Pleasant School, it was a log cabin near what is now the intersection of Holly Lane and N. Ft. Thomas Avenue.  Also known as the Old Buckeye School, it was used as a church on Sundays.  The Baptists and Methodists alternated Sundays.

Folk Dance Recreation Hall Playground
St. Euphrasia's Training School, Highland Avenue, Fort Thomas, Kentucky

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