The Ballad of Pearl Bryan

Down in a lonely valley
Where the fairest flowers bloom,
There's where poor Pearl Bryan
Lies mouldering in her tomb.

(CHORUS) While the banners waved above her
The shrill was a mournful sound
A stranger came and found her
Cold, headless on the ground.

She died not broken-hearted
Nor by disease she fell,
But in a moment's parting
From the one she loved so well.

One night when the moon was shining
The stars were shining too
Softly to her dwelling
Walling and Jackson drew.

They said, "Come, Pearl, let us wander
Down by these woods so gay;
Come, love, and let us ponder
Upon our wedding day."

The way seemed dark and dreary,
She was afraid to stay;
She says, "I am so weary
Let us retrace our way."

"Retrace our way? No, never,
Among these woods to roam;
You bid farewell forever
To parents, friends and home."

Down on her knees before them
She pleaded for her life;
Into her snowy-white bosom
They plunged a fatal knife.

"Dear Jackson, I'll forgive you,
Though this be my last breath;
You know I never deceived you,
Now close my eyes in death."



If do a search for "Pearl Bryan" when you go here,  you can actually hear this song performed. Having heard it, my advice is, don't do it.