Slaves Escape from Newport

Night before last, says the Cincinnati Commercial, of the 21st, ten slaves, belonging to citizens of Newport, made their escape.  One was the property of Robert Todd, Esq.; two of Col. Jas. Taylor; one of R. Southgate, Esq.; one of Mrs. Mary Winston, and others of Dr. Parker.  Several free colored persons left in company, one of them a girl name3d Ellen, whose two children, belonging to Col. Taylor, escaped with her; the children should, in any event, have been free when they reached the age of twenty-one years.  One of the mulatto girls, who belonged to Dr. Parker, was married to a free colored man, whose persuasions, it is supposed, caused the runaway.  The fugitives had always been treated with kindness and consideration; no effort was mad by the owners to capture them.  The means by which, and the time when, the river was crossed are not known.


from the New York Times, June 28, 1853