Carroll County, 1847
Formed 1837
County Seat Carrollton
Terms of County Court First Monday in every month except August, which is second do., and none in April and October.
Justices of the Peace Benj. F. Cox, Burr H. May, Wesley Dean, Michael Giltner, Bartlett Searey, John G. Stephenson, Robert King, James Brown, Lyman Martin and Richard T. Lindsay.
Sheriff Reuben C. Lindsay
Deputy Sheriffs T. W. Bates and H. Lindsay
Clerk Richard P. Butler, Carrollton
County Attorney none
Jailer David Owen, Carrollton
Coroner Thomas L. Butler
Constables John W. Lester, Ghent; W. Seandett, --Wilson, Carrollton; James Dugan, Jacob Lamb, Mill creek.
Notaries Public John M. Price
Surveyor Joseph Mirrick
Commissioner of Tax Wm. Cox, Wm. Demint
Attorneys At Law Wm. O. Butler, Wm. B. Winslow and G. D. Hinkle, Carrollton.
Physicians Wm. H. Clayton, Daniel Mason, -- Taylor and U. C. Sherall, Carrollton; Pettes Elles and -- Symn.
Principal Merchants Fisher & Lindsay, M. W. Brooinski, Ghent;  S. Smith, Wm. Vogel, H. N. Pryor, George D. Hinkle, Frederick Canvell and John W. Root, Carrollton; Joseph Bennett, Prestonville.



Data is from The Kentucky State Register for the Year 1847, edited by Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Morton & Griswold, publishers, Louisville, 1847.