Pro-South Carrollton Newspapers

From the Covington Journal. February 15, 1862:

“The publication of Signs of the Times, a weekly paper published in Carrollton, Ky., has been suspended.  The cause is thus stated by the proprietor:   ‘Suspended – a friend, who had just returned from the city on Wednesday, assured us that he learned from those in authority that unless our paper was immediately stopped, minions of the despot at Washington would be sent here to do it.  We inquired of friends at Louisville, who reply that such is the order.  Free speech is stricken down in Carrollton.  The last Southern Rights paper in ‘loyal’ Kentucky that dared speak its sentiments freely, is to be silenced by Tyranny.’”  

From the Covington Journal. July 17, 1862:  

“Mr. T. D. Wright, editor of the Carrollton (Ky.) News, who was arrested a short time ago and confined in the military prison in Louisville, having been released, has resumed publication of his paper.  He says he is not permitted to say anything against the government, but it is allowed to pitch into Abolitionism to his heart’s content.  He will no doubt make good use of his limited privilege.”