Carrie Anderson

During the summer of 1877 five men accused of the murder of Carrie Anderson of Worthville were held in jail at Carrollton.  Among them was the then incumbent sheriff, a deputy sheriff and a former sheriff.  Public opinion was pitched high against the accused and a lynching was feared.  Upon request of civil authorities the Governor ordered Adjt. Gen. J. M. Wright to call out troops.  The Covington Light Guards, under Capt. Frank Wood, were detailed to guard the prisoners during their trial and remained on duty at Carrollton from the seventh to the fifteenth of July.  Subsequent developments again indicated possible violence and on July 24 the Van Voast Light Guards of Newport under Capt. Christopher Hak, and the Covington Light Guards under Capt. Wood, were instructed to report for duty at their respective armories on July 25.  In the meantime, the prisoners were removed to safety and orders of dismissal were entered for the military units called.



From The Military History of Kentucky, a project of the Federal Writers Project