from Carrollton, Kentucky

Carrollton is said to be the oldest town on the Ohio  river.  It is situated near the mouth of the Great Kentucky river.  It has not made much progress.  Here are located the following manufacturies: one woolen mill, that runs regular, one furniture factory that makes the finest furniture that is made, two saw and planing mills. No colored hands work at either of them.  We have two churches, Baptist and Methodist, both are doing very well.  The Rev. George Hampton is pastor of the Baptist and Rev. Mr. Smith is the pastor of the Methodist.  Two delivery wagons, the property of J. W. Harris, delivers for all the stores.  One barbershop run by a colored man but received no colored customers.  It is kept by Jones and Woods, they keep all kinds of tobacco and do a good business.

Rev. Allen Ross lectured on the "Negro Problem" to a large audience in the court house.  Many of the best white people attended.  Both white and colored said it was as good a lecture as they wished to hear. Mr. Ross speaks of The Freeman to the audience in highest terms, saying that the editor is one of the finest men and the paper is doing the best work of any colored newspaper in the world.

The Odd Fellows of Carrollton and Ghent went to Warsaw today to turnout with the lodge there.  All unite in saying they enjoyed themselves.

     [signed]  Vergana


From The Freeman, an Afro-American newspaper published in Indianapolis, August 16, 1890.