from Carrollton, Kentucky

H. M. Winslow donated to the two Afro-American churches five dollars each in his way of returning thanks for their votes in the August election.  Mr. Winslow was the independent candidate against the regular democratic nominee for the constitutional convention.  The question is not a party question, and Mr. Winslow was the very best man to send: a man who knows the law, is sound on the needs of the people, a man of the people, for the people.  The Baptist church return their true thanks for the five dollars and the C.  A.M.E. church the same.  Mr. Winslow said he believed that a better way than wasting it in whiskey and beer.  He has heretofore been the prohibitionist.

Elder T. S. South and Elder W. M. Skelton went to Milton the first of the week to work in the interest of the Grant Union Picnic given by the Odd Fellows and Sunday School of Carrolton, Ky., Saturday, August 30.  Excursions will run from Warsaw and Madison.  All lodges and Sunday Schools are invited to turn out.

[signed] Vergana


From The Freeman, an Afro-American newspaper published in Indianapolis, September 6, 1890.