Horrible Atrocity by Guerrillas


On Thursday last, Capt. A. V. Carlisle, Deputy Provost Marshal of Carroll County, Ky., and a Lieutenant and private in the Fifty-fifth Kentucky Volunteers, whose names we have not learned, were surrounded by a gang of Quantrill's guerrillas while dining at a house about 12 miles back of Carrollton, and compelled to surrender.  The rebels promised to treat them as prisoners of war, but had not proceeded more than fifty yards from the place of capture  when Capt. Carlisle and his comrades were tied and then shot.  The bodies of the unfortunate men when found were literally riddled with balls and their heads terribly mutilated by being beaten, apparently, with the butt ends of guns.  Capt. Carlisle was well known in this city, where he was regarded as a brave and efficient officer.  We understand that Quantrill's men openly proclaim that they will give no quarter to Federal soldiers hereafter.


from the Cincinnati Daily Gazette, February 6, 1865