Miss Juanita Graham


Miss Juanita Graham, of Vevay, Ind., was yesterday granted a river pilot’s license by united States Local Inspectors of Steam Vessels Fearn and Dameron.  This is the first time in the history of this district that a river license of any kind has been granted to a woman.  Yesterday morning Dr. J. W. Stevenson, of the Marine Hospital, made the final test for color blindness. Miss Graham passed this successfully, as she did the written examination.  She already has an appointment on the ferry Eva Everett, her father’s boat, which runs between Vevay and Ghent, Ky. Miss Graham is a woman of commanding presence and charming disposition.  She is 24 years of age, five feet eight inches in height, and is a brunette.  She has had considerable experience on the river, but it was only recently that she took a notion to apply for a regular license.  


 From the Cincinnati Enquirer, August 18, 1900