One Room Schools

The white schools of Carroll county have all secured teachers and most of them are underway.  This list is as follows:

No. 1 Carrollton Mr. C. B. Melcher, Principal
    Miss C. B. Moreland
    Miss Hattie Masterson
    Miss Ella Giltner
    Mrs. Belle McKay
    Mrs. Daisy Pulliam
No. 2 Cox's Miss Lucy Bridges
No. 3  [no name listed] Miss Anna Brasher
No. 4 Ghent Mrs. Lucia Smith
    Miss Bie McCann
No. 5 Hickory Thicket Miss Lula Righthouse
No. 6 Fairview J. F. Wallace
No. 7 Grass Hills Miss Ida Webster
No. 8 Lower Whites Run Miss Lucille Orr
No. 9 Worthville F. H. Taylor
No. 10 Prestonville D. C. Carlisle
No. 11 Notch Lick Miss Maimee Peay
No. 12 Hunters Bottom Miss Alice Ray
No. 13 Tandy Miss Amazette Foulk
No. 14 Mound Hill J. Arthur Mitchell
No. 15 English E. C. Rice
No. 16 Centerville Miss Ethel D. Reid
No. 17 Mill Creek Connell Jacobs
No. 18 Green Hill J. L. Kendall
No. 19 Locust Geo. D. Mosgrove
No. 20 Sharon Miss Lura Bond
No. 21 Four Mile Miss Cora McCracken
No. 22 Eagle Station O. P. Sedam
No. 23 Malin's Branch Miss Florence Bosworth
No. 24 Buffalo Miss Cora Arnold
No. 25 Beech Grove Miss Lizzie Hartman
No. 26 South Fork Henry Hill
No. 27 Gullion's R. D. Jackson
No. 28 Fords A. L. Wright
No. 29 Sanders Mr. Willis Tandy
    Miss M. E. McClure
No. 30 Kings Ridge Miss Hattie May
No. 31 Bersot's Miss Fannie Fisher
No. 32 Gilgal W. T. Jividen

from the Carrollton Democrat, September 22, 1894