The Wheel

Among Carrolltonians, It Is the Fad, the Fashion, the Rage - It's Everywhere

Be careful boys and girls.

Miss Sue Wise has a new Ideal.

C. D. Salyers has sold his old wheel.

Scott Wilson has ordered a new Rambler

Ernest Calvert and his new Pickwick are O. K.

All the wheels are "tired" - so is the reader of this, we suspect.

Will Salyers is exhibiting a Pickwick geared at 78. It gets there.

C. D. Salyers has ordered for Miss Sarah Howe a handsome Cleveland.

Mrs. C. A. Lanham's new wheel is a beauty, and she is becoming a graceful rider.

Twenty-seven new wheels have been received by persons here in the last two weeks.

Henry Darling bought through agent Oscar Kipping, a handsome Outing, and, faith, he rides it like a streak.

Who'll bring on the first aquatic cycle? It will soon be nice weather for riding on the smooth surface of the Ohio.

Grant Lostutter has invented a new handlebar.  He may hesitate to show it peculiar merits, but will do so if you insist.

Miss Emily Demaree is the proud owner of an Albatross, made by the Mead Cycle Co. of Chicago - a present from papa.

Eight or ten wheelists, headed by E. C. Smith, Esq., went to Ghent and back Tuesday - fair women and brave men, of great pedaling qualities.

C. D. Salyers handles the Pickwick, you should remember, and while the price is only $30,it is substantially as good as the "high-grade" wheels.

Arthur Cox, bought through agent Will Adcock a handsome Red Cross.  His object now is a quick run from his home, three miles out, to his office.

A prediction: Somebody in this town is going to get badly hurt, probably killed, by riding a wheel.  Who will it be?  And now will you be more careful!- you, you, you!

Ed Cameron and Harry Stringfellow are still waiting on those "Yellow Fellows" which they ordered more than a month ago.  The Stearnes factories are just that much behind with orders.


from the Carrollton Democrat, April, 1898. Also, note the practice, pretty common of 19th century editors, to arrange their paragraphs, and their news, by paragraph length.