Dr. James S. Brown


  County Judge of the Gallatin County Court, Master Commissioner of the Gallatin Circuit Court, and an Eminent and Successful Politician

Judge Brown was born and reared in Warsaw, Ky., and is the son of Walter Brown, deceased. He has always been prominent in the affairs of Gallatin county, and in every representative character he has been faithful and true to the people and their interests. He is serving the people as County Judge for his fifth term, and is serving his third term as Master Commissioner, and in the discharge of his duties of the respective offices has given the greatest of satisfaction, being careful, prudent, and always economical in the administration of his offices. Judge Brown served our county as a member of the late constitutional convention, and rendered able service in the formation in the formation of the organic [illeg] of the Senate. He has lived in this county all of his life and regards the people here as his dear neighbors and friends and is always ready and willing to extend them any courtesy or favors. Dr. Brown is a graduate of the Medical College at Nashville, Tenn., and enjoys an extensive and lucrative practice.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898