Dr. John T. Robinson


Homœpathic Physician

Dr. John T. Robinson was born in Indiana in 1829 and came to Jackson Landing, this county, with his parents, when an infant, grew up along the river, and began steamboating when in his teens as a pilot and later was Captain of the historic steamers John T. Cline and the Alvin Adams.  This was in the palmy days of steamboating on the Ohio, when river traffic was at its zenith and when the greatest men in the country were engaged in the river trade.  The doctor was married in 1852, to Miss L. C. Moore of Madison, Ind.  John T. Robinson is the pioneer homœpathic physician in Warsaw.  He began the study of medicine when only 19 years of age.  He graduated at Cleveland Medical College in 1861, and began practice in 1862.  He thoroughly understood his profession, and in the long years that have since gone by, has been a friend of the sick and afflicted.  He is careful  and skillful in his diagnosis, practical in his remedies, and owes his success largely to his good judgment, close study, and to the system of medicine (homœpathy) which he practices.  The doctor enjoys the esteem and the good will of all our people, is a kindly, upright gentleman, whose long, useful life has been spent for the benefit of mankind.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898