John W. Wilcher

Blacksmith and Woodworker – A Fine Mechanic

There is a blacksmith and wagon shop in our town whose proprietor is a reliable, thorough mechanic of years’ experience.  He knows all about any and every kind of work in iron or wood and does both new and repair work in a neat and solid manner.  Mr. Wilcher puts up the best wagons and plows in the market, using only the strongest, thoroughly seasoned timber; the best iron. While the work is neat, solid and lasting, and it is conceded by those who know, that for honest, reliable work, promptly turned out at the most reasonable prices, John W. Wilcher is the best and most competent man in Gallatin county.  He is painstaking, studies to please, and labors to excel, and if you want good work, go to our reliable workman, John Wilcher.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898