J. W. White


A Prominent Figure in Gallatin County’s Business, Commercial, and Political Affairs

This gentleman is a native of Warsaw, was raised in the town, and started in life as a carpenter with but little money, but lots of industry.  Being a very intelligent man, he took a lively interest in the management of affairs.   He was twice elected Sheriff and served four terms as Deputy Sheriff.  He was a man faithful and true to every trust, capable and qualified for any position.   In 1878 Mr. White engaged in the grocery business.  He started with a neat, choice selection of goods, and though the stock was small, it was fresh, pure, and of the best quality, and this policy has been pursued during all the twenty years of his business life, and today we find the grocery store of J. W. White to be one of the neatest, most attractive in town.   His stock of goods embraces everything in the way of staples, while the line of canned goods of every class and description is unusually large.  He carries a large line of foreign [think, “not locally grown”, i.e. oranges and bananas] and domestic fruits in their season, while the first and last of every delicacy is supplied to his patrons.  Fancy groceries, condiments, etc., are largely dealt in, and persons giving orders for goods at this popular store can always rely on getting the freshest and purest of everything, and know that they are dealing at a house that has established a reputation for low prices, good goods, and fair dealing where every patron is accorded the kindest treatment, the largest value for their money, and that, too of the best goods on the market.    


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898