In all probability . . .

Wednesday Night, James Morgan, son of Cy Morgan, shot Frank Roberts in the shoulder as they were returning from a dance on Mrs. Emma Robinson’s farm near Sparta. Roberts had accused Morgan of making fun of his child which he denied, and afterwards in going home he renewed the quarrel and was advancing with a drawn club on Morgan, where the latter drew a pistol and shot Roberts in the shoulder, who fell over, but afterwards got up and walked to the home of Frank Skirvin where medical aid was summoned and his injuries given the proper attention. Sheriff James Counley went out to near Glencoe and took Morgan into custody and bringing him here placed him in jail to await the preliminary trial which takes place next Wednesday. Morgan is 19 and Roberts is a married man of about 30. In all probability there was a little whiskey mixed up with the trouble.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 18, 1902.