Col. Robert Johnson

From Suggett, who had the minutes of the Big Crossing Baptist Church, Scott Co., Ky. Coll: in Chh:Hist. Vol.IV, 33.

In 1779, Col. Robert Johnson, (Col. R. M. J.'s father) and my father, John Suggett, started out from Orange Co., Va; came as far as Wheeling. Were there frozen up until March 1780. They, at that time, coming out, landed at the falls, and spent a year near Louisville. They then removed up to Bryant's Station, where I think they raised 3 crops. Afterwards removed and settled a station at the Crossing [near Georgetown, Ky.], in 1784. They had started for this country from Va., and had purchased here before they came out, of both, or either, Patrick Henry or Madison, military claimed.


The Draper Papers, 13CC209. We can't explain the reference he gives to the church records, and assume the last sentence means they bought the land from a military grant to Madison and/or Henry.