July 3, 1976, above, was the last day for the Mason Post Office.

Mason, Kentucky Mason, Kentucky

Mason High School, 1929

Taylor's Garage, Mason, 1959

Mason, Kentucky

Mason, Kentucky

c. 1985

The Rock Garden, Mason

Mason, Kentuckynew

Mason High School Conservation Club, 1948


Mason, Kentucky

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The town now called Mason was originally known as Gouge's.  There was a post office established as Gouge’s (with the apostrophe) on July 26, 1855.  Henry S. Brown was the Postmaster.  It was discontinued October 12, 1868, but re-opened as Mason a month later, on November 24, 1868, with John A. Turner as Postmaster.

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“CINCINNATI, Oct. 16. — Is a stolen kiss worth S15.000? This is a question which will have to be decided by Federal Judge Cochran when his court convenes in Covington, Ky., to-morrow. Mrs. Grant Mitts, a blue grass society leader of Mason, Ky., thinks she is entitled to that amount for a kiss she declares was stolen last June by J. B. Alexander, a friend of her husband, who made a friendly call while the man of the house was not home and she has brought suit. As a result of the alleged larceny she declares she is a nervous wreck and has been subjected to much humiliation and notoriety.” San Francisco Call, October 17, 1904

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The account of a serious train wreck, at “Mason's Station” in 1883 is here.

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