Moore House Hostelry,
read more about it here.

The Johnson
 House Hostelry



J. Q. Barbour’s Business
Block, Williamstown

Mendoza and
Joseph’s Block 
Telephone Exchange is
on the second floor



Interior, Williamstown
 Christian Endeavor 
Interior, Williamstown
Catholic Church

Grant County
Infirmary Williamstown

  Census of Northern Kentucky’s Paupers in Almshouses, 1910, here.


Of all the pictures of people in the 1901 Williamstown Courier, Northern Kentucky Views has reproduced very few: virtually all the buildings, but virtually none of the people.  Northern Kentucky Views gladly makes an exception for this man. His name is J. Q. Barbour, and you can read about him here.  He’s the photographer, to whom we should all be grateful; he's the guy who took all of the pictures we've used.

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This page, as well as the page titled 1901 part 1 are from the Williamstown Courier of May 30, 1901. It was a special historical addition with dozens of pictures of homes, businesses, and people.  Virtually all of the items on Northern Kentucky Views’ Grant County pages dated 1901 are from this paper.

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