Hundreds Attend Formal Opening of Bank Building

Splendid Structure Erected at Dry Ridge Dedicated
Last Saturday With Appropriate Ceremonies 

The Farmers Bank of Equity at Dry Ridge was formally dedicated last Saturday.  Hundred of people attended the ceremonies which lasted from nine o’clock in the morning until nine o’clock n the evening.

Or 12 hours the corridors of the bank were filled with people from all parts of Grant and the adjoining counties.  Each visitor was requested to register and registration cards were placed in a box to be counted here.  Prizes will be awarded to the visitor making the nearest correct guess on the number registered.  The first prize is $20 in gold.

Guesses ran all the way from 500 to 5,000.  The number registered will fall between those two figures.   Count of the cards will be announced Saturday and the prizes awarded.

Dry Ridge’s newest bank building is a thing of beauty.  It cost some where in the neighborhood of $40,000.  It was erected to take the place of the old building destroyed by the big fire of March 1927. Since that time the bank has operated its business in rented rooms and has no doubt been badly handicapped.

The new building is modern in every way.  It is equipped with running water, a modern furnace, and everything that a bank needs in the way of accoutrements.  Its vaults and depository have been made as safe as humanly possible.  It will long stand as a monument to the enterprising citizens who constitute the stockholders and directors of the institution.  It is the most modern and completely equipped bank building in a town the size of Dry Ridge in the State.  In fact, it would be to the credit of a town of several thousand people.

Beautiful girls and women acted as a reception committee, and as the visitor entered he was made welcome and presented with a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers.  Directors of the bank and others also assisted in making the visitors feel at home.

The above cut [sorry - couldn't capture it] is a splendid illustration  of what the new bank looks like, but of course does not how the interior, which is as light as day and presents a cheerful aspect.  To get a proper appreciation of the bank one must visit it and see for himself. 


 Grant County News, September 7, 1928