Two Reform School Boys Steal Clothes

Greendale Boys Steal Clothing and Make Get-Away. 


State Police are Said Not To Have Pursued Thieves.  


Two Greendale Reform School boys who were here with the band last Saturday, left their troupe, exchanged their uniforms for Russell Lawrence’s wearing apparel, and fled Grant County.  According to the story, as furnished us by Mr. Lawrence, the victim of the thieves, they broke into his home, stole a suit of clothes, shirts, overalls, and other wearing apparel, put them on and one of the boys left his uniform.  Mr. Lawrence stated that he learned the boys were at Mack’s Castle on Taft Highway around 8 o’clock and that he notified the state police in Williamstown.  “The police just laughed at me, and made no attempt to capture the boys,” Mr. Lawrence said.  “What I want to know is, what are all these state police for,” Mr. Lawrence stated.  We are told, by persons in the know, that there are now about 16 police stationed in Williamstown.  


From the Grant County News, May 6, 1938