fort mitchell,kentucky

fortmitchell, kentucky fort mitchell, kentucky
May 31, 1917,
from the Trolley
On Locust Avenue in
Lakeside Park
Thanks! to Scott Menkhaus
for identifying the location.


Ft. Mitchell Trolley Scene
Sperti Home
Dixie at Ft. Mitchell Ave.


fort mitchell, kentucky fort mitchell, kentucky
Home in Fort Mitchell,
Home in Fort Mitchell


fort mitchell, Kentucky fort mitchell, Kentucky
Home in Fort Mitchell
Home in Fort Mitchell


fort mitchell, kentucky

This model from the Sears & Roebuck Catalog says one of these was sold in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. 
This model was in catalogs from 1921-1929. Any idea where in Fort Mitchell?


Ft. Mitchell Home Ft. Mitchell Home
Beechwood Dixie's Little Home
Crazy amount of detail on this one here.

fort mitchell, kentucky fort mitchell, kentucky fort mitchell, kentucky
Park Drive Home, c. 1950 Park Hills Homes Park Hills Homes


The DeWitt Collins Lee Home in Park Hills

Trolley Park, in Park Hills