The Southern Railway,
a.k.a. the Queen and Crescent,
a.k.a. The Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific Railroad ( C.N.O. & T. P.)


southern railway

The C.N.O. & T.P. was formally opened on July 22, 1877
The first train ran the day before. This is it on that prior day in the picture.

The newspaper on the day before the first run is here, and a reporter's story of the first trip to Chattanooga is here.

southern railway southern railway southern railway

Southern Rail Road in Ludlow, 1910
Notice St. Boniface in card on right.
The houses nearest the railroad in the right hand pic are on Cherry Street. But the
railroad bought the houses, and the street, and expanded, and that was the end of Cherry Street.
Note the lagoon in upper right of the picture on the left.

In 1887, Ludlow railroad workers go on strike for better hours. Instead of 10 hours a day,
6 days a week, they wanted 10 hours a day, 5 and a half days a week. Read about it here.


Southern Railroad, Ludlow, Kentucky Southern Railroad, Ludlow, Kentucky
Steam engines burned coal to make steam, and coal tenders needed to replenish coal supplies. This is the Ludlow coaling facility. from Facebook posts by Harold Tucker


southern railway southern railway southern railway
The Engineering News-Record
chronicled the rebuilding of the
“Horse-Run” Trestle in 1905.
The C. N. O. & T. P.
Trestle, c. 1910
The Ohio River railroad bridge,
c. 1880's (Keary Henkener writes the he believes
that antenna-like structure was was part of the electric
system that powered the operating mechanism for
the swing span section of the bridge. )


southern railway

The Southern Railway crosses Pleasant Run


southern railway southern railway southern railway southern railway
The Pullman
Shops at Ludlow
Ludlow's Southern
Depot, 1949
Ludlow Depot,
from 1973
Ludlow Depot, November, 1912
(a Kentuckiana Virtual Library image)



The Mo Signal Tower, c. 1935


L & N southern railway
Southern Railway GP38-2 #5080, 1984 The Southern snakes downhill into Ludlow.


southern railway southern railway southern railway southern railway
Ludlow Railroad Bridge, c. 1889 A construction picture.
Note the “false work”
i.e. supporting beams.
The Ohio Side of the Bridge


Ludlow RR Bridge

Steaming Into Ludlow

The Southern Railway Bridge in the 1913 Flood   Steaming into Ludlow


Southern Southern Southern
Note construction on the Ludlow side Southern Bridge Across the Ohio


Ludlow Railroad Fire Ludlow Railroad Fire Ludlow Railroad Fire Ludlow Railroad Fire
The Ludlow railroad buildings pretty much all burned down and were rebuilt after this devastating fire in 1887.


Ohio River View Ohio River View
Southern Railway Bridge from the River, c. WWII


southern railway southern railway southern railway southern railway Ludlowq
Southern Railroad Bridge,
Ludlow, 1916
Southern Railway Bridge Southern Railway
Bridge, looking North
C. 1937
Read about the H. F. Frisbee crashing into the Southern Railway bridge in 1888, here.

“Ludlow had a narrow escape from being blown off the map one day last week. Two freight trains on the Q. & C. collided at the depot there, and in one of them was a car loaded with dynamite, but, fortunately, for considerable property and many lives, the car carrying the explosive was not wrecked and the jar it received was not sufficient to explode the dynamite.” The Boone County Recorder July 31, 1907 “The first iron for the Southern Railroad has been laid during the past week on the tramway at the foot of Kenner street. There is about one hundred yards finished.” The Ludlow Reporter, January 23, 1875.
Standard Oil's storage warehouses at
railroad burn in 1892. story here.
“Last Monday was an important day in the history of Ludlow. The first shovel-full of dirt was taken from the ground surveyed for the first pier of the Southern Railroad bridge on the Kentucky side. The affair was in keeping with all the actions of the Trustees, there being no ostentatious display of bunting and rhetoric, and if any of our citizens were present, it was by chance, as there was no public announcement of the fact that there was to be a jubilee over the stirring up of sacred soil. The attorney for the road turned over a few handfuls of dirt with a shovel, made some brief remarks appropriate to the occasion, after which the party, including some Cincinnati reporters, repaired to Henry's and partook of the beverage 'which exhilarates but does not intoxicate.'” from the Ludlow Reporter, April 3, 1875.
Fatal railroad accident in 1886. Labor Union strike in 1894, at this site.
The Southern Railway Historical Society is here. Railroad worker told in 1908 to keep
sleeping on the job, but there's a catch.
Cincinnati Engineers 1922 report on the “new” Southern Railroad Bridge. 1914 Ludlow train wreck.


southern railway southern railway Ice on the Ohio
The Steamer Alice Brown, on the Cincinnati Riverfront, under the Southern Bridge, looking upstream toward West Covington, c. 1880. A few words on the Alice Brown,here, and more pictures of her are at this site.

Shanty boat under the railroad bridge.

The Ice of 1917-1918 was horrendous. This is February 1918.


southern railway southern railway southern railway

For Ludlow's 100th anniversary celebration, the Southern Railroad brought in the Best Friend of Charleston.  June 28, 1964


southern railway southern railway southern railway
Railfan excursion behind N&W
crosses Sleepy Hollow,
September 10, 1983
A new type of railcar
 comes to Ludlow, 1924
Southern Railroad Bridge
US Army, Chief of Engineers, 1934

southern railway

Fresh out of the Ludlow Shops in 1929, this is #6479. from l to r, that's
R. H. Crissinger, engineer; Walden, master mechanic; Tom Rohan, road foreman
of engines; Roy Schultz; and George Clavel, roundhouse foreman; unknown; and
H. Eilerman, pipe shop foreman.


Southern Railway,Ludlow,Kentucky

This is a rare one.  It's an articulated steam engine in Ludlow, something the Southern had very few of. 
Read more about what an articulated is, here.
Thanks to Leslie Leek, Sr. for this one.


Southern Steamer

Southern Steamer 612, in Ludlow
from a Robert Fitters post on Facebook


Southern Steam Southern Diesels
  Southern #4844
from a Facebook post by Chris Mayhew
Ludlow Switch Engines


southern railway southern railway southern railway
November 7, 1982.
The first trestle.
November 20, 1988.
Conrail 6000 leads a
NS train into Ludlow.
April 23, 1972. Diesels
waiting to push trains
up to Erlanger.
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Our page with pictures of Southern Railway steam and diesel locomotives - not necessarily Northern Kentucky - is here.