Plans for a Special Banked Auto Track

Reports from Cincinnati, O., tell of what is modestly termed "the first real automobile race track in the United States," which will be built in Kentucky on the banks of the Licking River, within twenty-five minutes' ride of Cincinnati.  Harvey Meyers, vice-president of the Latonia Jockey Club, and his associates, Congressman Rhinock, president of the Latonia Jockey Club, and John J. Ryan, former plunger and daring Stearns driver, plan to build a track one and five-eighths miles around, with the oval banked at the turns so the cars can negotiate them at full speed.  Regular automobiles meetings of considerable length will be conducted, purses to be hung up in the same way as horse racing.  


Los Angeles Herald, September 27, 1908. As far as is known to us, nothing came of these plans, as was the case in many of the ventures annouced in the press in those days.