Covington's Proud Possession

That Covington has in its midst an oyster and chop house of the appointments such as the Cody Restaurant at Third and Scott Streets is a matter of pride to Covingtonians.

The management of this widely popular and high-class place is under Thos. R. Cody, who at every turn reflects to the patron a congenial and home-like welcome which arrests restraint so often noticeable in other places.  His personal supervision extends from the market-house to the table and his affable howdy a dew or sincere good night impresses the visitor that he has really and truly been to a place of unusually good appointments and management.  Mr. Cody's acquaintances extend through the three cities, and he is known among them as a prince of a good fellow and a royal entertainer.


from the 1914 Covington Centennial Program