Cowardly Shooting

A Policeman's Threat At Last Carried Into Effect

Covington, Ky.  Special to the Freeman

The colored men of this city should call a mass meeting at once to consider a way to stop the hasty manner by which our colored citizens are hastened into eternity from the effects of the policeman's bullets, who, in several cases have taken advantage of some of our young men, but the most cowardly shooting occurred Saturday evening, in which Ben Finney was shot by officer Jack Sieffer.  Sieffer, being so anxious to kill a Negro, as he often threatened, made use of his weapon while the man was crouched in a corner with his back to the policeman.  The citizens are very indignant over the matter.


from Indianapolis' The Freeman, An National Illustrated Colored Newspaper, October 18, 1890.