Covington, Flemingsburg & Pound Gap Railway


A locomotive from the
Flemingsburg and

The Covington, Flemingsburg and Pound Gap Railway was organized in 1876, and went through a series of names.  In January of 1880 it became the Licking Valley Railway Co., and in September of that year, became the Covington, Flemingsburg and Southeastern.  Then in 1881 it was the Cincinnati and Southeastern Railway.  The Covington, Flemingsburg, and Ashland Railway was the name adopted in 1887, and that entity was sold in bankruptcy on May 7, 1887, at which point it became the Cincinnati, Flemingsburg and Southeast Railroad.  That lasted until January 1, 1920, when it re-organized as the Flemingsburg and Northern Railway, and made it's last run on December 6, 1955.

And despite the three different occurrences of the name Covington in it's corporate title, the railroad never had actual track outside of Fleming County, Kentucky.