Buildings Destroyed by Night Riders in Covington

The following is the damage done by the Night Riders in their raid on Covington:

Tobacco warehouse of T. S. Hamilton  totally destroyed. [Philadelphia, Bakewell and Fourth]

One story home of Wm. Stohlcup, totally destroyed.

Two and one half story dwelling of Dick Connelly, totally destroyed.

Two story dwelling of W. J. Souther, totally destroyed.

Blacksmith shop of Pat Whalen, totally destroyed.  Firemen had a narrow escape there from falling walls.

Three story saloon and residence of Charles Feeney, totally destroyed.  His daughter, Nellie Feeney, had a narrow escape from death.

Two story dwelling of Squire James Farrell, damaged.

Stone yard of Dick Farrell, all wooden buildings destroyed. [south side of 3rd between Philadelphia and Bakewell]

Plant of Sebastion Lathe Co., damaged. [south east corner of 3rd and Philadelphia]

Two story dwelling of City Auditor Wm. Gould, damaged. [316 Philadelphia]

Houston, Stanwood & Gamble Co.'s plant, damages [north west corner of 3rd and Philadelphia, Builders of Steam Engines and Boilers, telephone South 128]


from the Cincinnati Enquirer, March 27, 1908