Low Water Scene


The L&N Bridge is as it was when it was built - it was remodeled in 1895-97 to its later appearance.  The long sand bars are from the Licking River flowing into the Ohio.

The big wharfboat is "the Big Sandy Wharfboat," established in Cincinnati in 1872, but destroyed by river ice in 1904.  There are two side-wheeler ferry boats in the picture.  The one with twin-stacks is the Cincinnati, built in 1876 and originally named the Favorite.  The re-name was c. 1883. The one-stacker may be the Cincinnati Belle built in 1853, rebuilt in 1866, and still operating in the 1860's

Newport had a fine graded wharf in those days, and those wooden barges are moored there.


Facts in this piece are from the magazine of the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen - The S&D Reflector, December, 1967.