Where Was Noah's Ark?


The text under the picture is on the back of the card.  However, if you're at all familiar with US 25 six miles south of Covington, you know there's no hill like the one in this picture. There's no Noah's Ark in the Kenton city directories. On the other hand, Tom Murphy tells me he thinks it's near the old Sewanee Villa on the 3L, and C Johnson tells me he, too thinks the US 25 is wrong, and that it's off the old 3L highway.  The later also notes that it's an Independence phone exchange. I can tell you this: Very near the south end of the old section of the 3L highway, near where the road goes up to Doe Run, there's an old pine tree that looks very much like this one, two sets of those rock entry way things that would be appropriate for such a place like this, and the hill behind it looks exactly like this.  I think the card lies.  This was on the LLL.  Or, then again, maybe the card is truthful and the highway number has since moved . . . Update:  And then Roy Klein sent me the token at the far left.  Mystery solved.  The road named moved.