Maysville Business
Part 1

Maysville Business

Traxel's Bread Wagon, Maysville
Eat Traxel's Bread, Ice Cream Manufacturers, Phone No. 11
An item on Traxel's from 1935 is here.

Postmen January and Wood January and Wood new 
January and Wood Cotton Mill in the 1937 Flood
from a Facebook posting by Terri Duncan
January and Wood was on Front Street, between Second and Wall


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
Maysville Cotton
Mill, 1910
January & Wood
Cotton Mill
Aftermath of Fire at January & Wood Cotton Mill

An article from 1910 on the Cotton Mill is here. Another, from 1935, is here.

Want to read A. M. January's last will and testament? Here.
“R. A. Cochran, Treasurer of the Maysville Cotton Mills, Maysville, Ky., reported that there are no longer any blue Mondays in their factory on account of drinking, as formerly, and that the saloons in their neighborhood have given place to grocery stores, and that the boys are growing up without forming the habit of drink.”
 from the 1922 Manufacturers' Record


Postmen Postmen Postmen Postmen Postmen
Geo. Heiser Wholesale Grocery Klipp and Brown Leonard and Lalley,
Stoves and Tinware
Myall & Co. Carriages Nesbitt's Dry Goods

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
Keystone Commercial Company was a slaughter house for poultry.  Sometimes known as the Old Hemp Warehouse, it was built in the 1840's and was razed for the Court House Annex.
Compare its stepped-top on the front façade, to the east side of the current annex (right).  You can read a little more about Keystone here.


January and Wood Maysville Business Limestone Lumber,  Maysville, Kentucky Maysville Business
Limestone Lumber Co., 
2nd and Commerce, Maysville
More about Limestone Lumber here.
R. H. Duncan & Brother, Store


Maysville Business       Maysville Business       Maysville Business Maysville Business
O. H. P. Thomas & Co., Maysville   Moldings Shop The Standard Oil Company. Read
more about The Standard
Oil Company


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
Maysville Grocery Scene, 1953 Hunter's Mill suffers the
Flood of 1913
J. W. Porter & Sons
Funeral Home, c. 1954



Modern Laundry, 31 E. Second
from a Facebook post by Brittany Lynn Vaughn

Wald and Center Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Wald's

Walds and Center Street
from a Facebook post by Jim Rannes

Wald Manufacturing Plant, 1953
They made bicycle parts.  That's founder
Ewald Pawcet, company founder in the
inset. The story that ran with this picture is here.

A Wald Invoice, front and back Walds


Wald Parade Wald Parade
The Wald Bicycle Parade. Note a rare “triple” in the 1958 photo on the right.


Notice Collins & Rudy
Collins & Rudy, Lumber


Maysville Business Notice Notice
John Goodwin operates a boring mill machine
at Maysville's Brown's Manufacturing, 1953.
Brown's made mechanical power transmission devices. 
W. T. Cummins Fancy Groceries
Third and Limestone
Mose Daulton, Livery and Feed

Mason Line

“We have received the first number of the Maysville Sun, a handsome and spirited paper published and edited by L. A. Welch, late of the Maysville Bulletin. It is of course Democratic. We wish it full success” Courier-Journal, March 6, 1869

“The Maysville Sun has ceased publication. The continued ill health of its editor, Mr. Welch, has been one of the chief causes leading to the step.” Courier-Journal, June 14, 1869

Mason Line

John Cadwalleder advertises his daguerreotypes in 1854.

“At Maysville, Wednesday night, Sweigert’s distillery was destroyed by fire. Loss, $800. No Insurance.” The Daily Commonwealth, May 9, 1879 “The boiler of Hall's plow factory at Maysville, Ky., exploded January 27th, instantly killing William Harris, engineer, severely wounding the foreman and a brother of Harris.”  The Locomotive, 1881.
“A plow manufacturing firm in Maysville received last week an order for one hundred of their plows, to be sent to the interior of Mexico. They are to be boxed, and will be carried upon the backs of mules two hundred and fifty miles from the coast to their destination.” Courier-Journal, February 1, 1873 “The Maysville Eagle has a regular subscriber who commenced taking the paper in 1818.” Courier-Journal, January 9, 1874
“The Maysville Eagle has been published forty-nine years as a weekly, and thirty-two years as a tri-weekly. Mr. Davis has retired from the Eagle, leaving its sole conduct to Mr. Thos. M. Green” Louisville Daily Courier, January 8,1867 “$50,000 worth of meat is annually sold from the Maysville Market House.  This does not include the 3-5,000 sheep butchered for their hides and tallow, or cattle bought by the butchers for export.”  from the Louisville Morning Courier, September 13, 1845

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Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
O. H. P. Thomas McClanahan And Shea's Hardware
and Stove Store, 1910
W. T. Cummins, Fancy
 Groceries, 1910
C. J. Collins Transfer Company
Read more about O. H.
P. Thomas here.
Read more about
McClanahan and Shea's here.
Read more about
 W. T. Cummins here.
Read more about
 C. J .Collins here.


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Merz Brothers Merz Brothers
M. P. Redmond, Groceries Merz Brothers
Read more about   M. P.
Redmond's here.
Read more about the Merz Brothers here, and here.


Notice  Maysville Business Maysville Business  Maysville Business
Pearce & Foster's Ice Factory The Maysville Ice Company Thomas J. Chenoweth,
Drugs & Medicines
Thomas Malone & Co.,
Fine Livery
  Read more about The Maysville
Ice Company here.
Read more about Thomas J.
Chenoweth here.
Read more about Thomas
Malone & Co. here.


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Murray and Thomas
D. Hechinger & Co. John T. Parker, Livery
& Sale Stable, on Sutton
R. B. Lovel Murray and Thomas'
Marble and Granite Works
Read more about D.
Hechinger & Co. here. and here.
Read more about John
T. Parker here.
Read more about
R. B. Lovel here.


Maysville Business  Maysville Business  Maysville Business 
Frank Owens Hardware Thomas Malone & Co. D. Hunt & Sons
Read more about Frank
Owens here.
Read more about Thomas
Malone & Co. here.
Read more about D.
Hunt & Sons here.


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
Jos. Dodson's Coal Elevators Jos. Dodson's Warehouse J. J. Wood & Sons Drugstore
Read more about Jos. H. Dodson & Sons, here. Read more about J. J.
Wood & Sons here.


Merz Brothers


Maysville Business

Maysville Business
Office of “Our Leading Hotel.” On Lower Market St. J. Wesley Lee's Clothing Store
Read more about The New Central Hotel here, and here. Read more about J. Wesley Lee,
Mayor of Maysville


An article by an unknown author from 1910 on Maysville businesses is here. Some, not all, Maysville Businesses, listed by the number of men, women, and children they employed in 1917, here.

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