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Kackley Maysville Business Maysville Business     Maysville Business Maysville Business

Maysville Business

The Kackley Building, w. 2nd Street
James T. Kackley was an early publisher of postcards, and a number of his images appear in these pages.  He also sold bicycles and was a member of the Maysville Bicycle Club. A picture of him, on his bike, is here. More about Kackley is here.
M. C. Russell Grocery Warehouses
M. C. Russell was the father of J. Barbour Russell.
Read more about J. Barbour here.
Read more about M.C. here.


Maysville Business Maysville Business Kackley Maysville Business
Maysville Coal Company, Maysville
“Leaders in Our Line”
The Coke Plant A more recent Coke Building
from a Ron Bailey Facebook post
Elmer Tincher

Mason Line

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Flood
Carnation Milk Products
Plant, c. 1940's
Carnation Milk Products
Plant, c. 1950
Carnation, 1937 Flood
from a Facebook post by David Campbell
It opened November 25, 1932.   Kentucky Business ran a feature story about Carnation in 1950, here.


Maysville Business Maysville Business
Scenes at Carnation, December, 1950

Story of Carnation, in Maysville, from 1935, is here.

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
The pictures in this set are all from inside the Carnation Dairy in 1946.


Maysville Business Carnation
Outside Carnation, 1946
from Facebook posts by John Henderson

Mason Line


Cargill Fire, January, 1998


Ohio Valley Milkwork

Ohio Valley Milkwork
Likely in the 1937 flood


Limestone Gas new
Limestone Gas Company
from a Facebook post by Mark Humphries
Ready Mix, in Parade Decor, c. 1953
from a Facebook post by Mark Humphries


Kackley Poyntz Maysville Business Maysville Business
Poyntz Bros. Wholesale Liquors The Poyntz Distillery Pogue and Poyntz
Rogers' Limestone


Princess Ring new
The Princess Ring Mr. Joe Trisler and Hayes Storer,
in front of Trisler's Store at
617 E. Second Street
from a Facebook post by John Henderson


Maysville, Ky Maysville, Ky
Maysville Milling and Feed Kroger's, 1969



Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
The Consolidated Drug Store in Maysville, c. 1930


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
Gillespie Products
“Dr. J. E. Gillespie, Veterinarian, maker of 
E-Z-Give, for worms in livestock and poultry”
McIlvain, Knox, & Diemer,
 Undertakers & Furniture
Maymie Clift Shop
Millinery and Antiques
6 West Third Street, Maysville

Mason Line

“The Union Coal Oil Company‘s refinery, at Maysville, Ky., was partially destroyed by fire this afternoon.  Loss heavy in oil; insurance unknown.”   New York Times, July 18, 1866 “Claude Watkins, owner of the Whitehall Hotel, purchased the Central Hotel today and these two hotels will be consolidated, forming on of the largest hotels in Eastern Kentucky.” Louisville Courier Journal, April 23, 1923.
“Jan. 30 - Maysville was visited to-day by the most destructive fire in the history of the city.  The Washington Opera House and the Mason County Library Building, full of rare books and historic relics, were burned, and a number of business houses were more or less damaged.  The total loss will approximate $50,000.”  from the New York Times of January 31, 1898 “Maysville, Ky., - March 1 - Moses, Daulton & Brothers' livery stable burned to-day, consuming 50 buggies, and 13 horses, including one animal valued at $4,000.  Total loss, $20,000.  Insurance, $2000.”  from the New York Times, March 2, 1887
“The Louisville Courier learns that the hog cholera continues to prevail to an alarming extent along the Kentucky river, and the Ohio as far up as Portsmouth. At a distillery in Gallatin county no less than 400 hogs died in two pens in less than a week. At the Carrollton distillery the deaths among the hogs are fearfully on the increase, and the same fatality prevails in Mason county. The owners of these hogs in most cases “try” them up into what is termed grease, which is sold to the stearine candle makers at about nine cents per pound.” Frank Leslie's Weekly, May 2, 1857. “Maysville, Ky., July 1, 1875.  We the employees of the “Saw Mill,” respectfully challenge you, the employee of the “Planing Mill” for a match game of baseball.  Game to be called Saturday at four o’clock p.m. at such a place as we agree upon.  Signed, Chas. C. Dobyns, For Saw Mill.” Letter in the Maysville Republican, July 3, 1875
In 1872, bad weather could mean you didn't eat. Details. Then there was the guy that tried to start a nitroglycerin factory in Maysville. Details. Followed closely by this law from the Kentucky Legislature.
“Maysville has started a piano factory, and complains of a scarcity of dwelling houses for working men.”  Courier-Journal, August 16, 1870  
A nice piece on the Maysville Milling and Feed Co is here. (pdf) “The Maysville Tribune says that there are thirty-two cigar manufacturers in that district and loud talk of more.” Courier-Journal, November 25, 1875

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James H. Hall Company, Notice
James H. Hall Company,
Eagle Plow Works, 1876
James H. Hall & Co., c. 1900
on the east side of Lexington, between 2nd and 3rd.



from the Thibodaux (Louisiana) Minerva, February 2, 1856

Learn about a boiler explosion at Hall's, here.
“A Maysville firm has just shipped 500 plows to Cuba via New Orleans.”   Courier-Journal, June 25, 1870 “Maysville plow factories shipped one thousand seven hundred plows to the South last week.”  Courier-Journal, October 17, 1870
“As many plows are said to be made in Maysville as in any city in the West. It has three plow factories, and they all do a very excessive business. That of James H. Hall & Co. is the largest wrought-iron plow factory in the United States.” Courier-Journal, February 20, 1871

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Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
 New Odd Fellows Hall, and de
Nuzie's Bookstore, Maysville
The Pogue Distillery,
More here.
Russell Broom Factory
More here.
The Pogue Distillery, recently re-opened, has a history if its business at its web site.

“If you want the latest postcard photographic views of Maysville, go to 'De Nuzies' 229 Market Street.” Maysville’s Daily Bulletin, July 10, 1913


Maysville Business Maysville Business
Livery Stable, Maysville
 on W. 3rd, next to the old jail
Sapp's Motel

Maysville Business

E. P. Browning next to an example of the largest split-wheel pulleys
made by Maysville's Ohio Valley Pulley Works, which opened in 1896.

Ohio Valley Pulley Worksx Ohio Valley Pulley Works Maysville Business Ohio Valley Pulley Works
Ohio Valley Pulley Works
left, from a Facebook post by John Henderson
A little more on the Ohio Valley Pulley Works, from 1910, is here. An item from 1935 is here.

Mason Line

All of the business portraits here are from the April 9, 1910 edition of Maysville's Public Ledger.  D. N. House, Photographic Views
Short & Kain, Plow Manufacturers J. H. Rogers, Distillery Dan Cohen, Everything in Footwear George W. Oldham, Reporter 
J. L. Dinger & Brother, Groceries & Fruits Charles F. Breeze, Groceries, Wine, and Liquors Jos. Schatzman & Bro., Cut Glass, Queensware, etc. Coughlin & Co., Undertaking and Livery
L. Langefels, Sanitary Plumbing, Etc. Maysville Coal Co., The Best Grades of Coal Buckner W. Goodman,
Wholesale Liquors
R. and W. Rasp, Galvanized Iron Work
Thomas L. Ewan, Real Estate & Farm Lands John O'Keefe, Toys & Confections Fitzgerald Saddlery, Wholesale Saddles Rain Brothers, Grain, Flour, Seeds, Etc.
Henry S. Gallenstein, General Blacksmith Leonard & Lalley, Ranges, Stoves, & Tinware John Armstrong & Son, East End Druggists W. F. Power, Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, Etc.
Luman, Exclusive Millinery Miss Anna G. King, Millinery, Hair Goods, Etc. W. L. Brosee, Artistic Photographer Luther C. Reynolds, Attorney at Law
C. L. Rosenham, Insurance White Hall Hotel, Mrs. M. L. Gleason, Prop. Sphar Pressed Brick Works Frank P. O'Donnell, Attorney at Law
S. Straus, New York Store Clarence L. Wood, Real Estate, Insurance Ohio River Lumber Company Maysville Auto Company, Oakland Automobiles
F. T. Gallenstein J. A. Simpson, Practical Optician Maysville Commercial Club The Limestone Motor Car Company
Simon Nelson, Shirtmaker John T. Fleming, Insurance Agent Maysville Gas Company J. C. Everett & Co, Grain, Seed, Flour
Crane & Shafer, Wall Paper, Paints, etc. W. Holton Key, Insurance & Real Estate Arthur F. Curran, Editor, Daily Public Ledger M. J. Donovan, Fancy Groceries
W. W. Wikoff, C & O Railroad Agent Mike Brown, The Square Deal Man [Harnessmaker] Ryder Paint Store William D. Cochran, Attorney at Law
H. S. Ellis, L & N Railroad Agent John Benson Orr H. L. Newell, Simple and Fancy Groceries W. A. Wood & Bro., All Kinds
of Fresh Meats
Murray & Thomas, Granite & Marble Works T. R. Valentine, Staple and Fancy Groceries Harding & Simmons, General Contractors G. W. Geisel, Grocer (see bottom of page)
W. H. Rees, Attorney at Law C. P. Dieterich & Bro., Florists and Seedsmen J. P. Nash, First Class Barber M. C. Hutchinson & Son, Staple and Fancy Groceries
The Maysville Foundry and Engineering Company Charles W. Traxel & Co.,
 Fine Jewelry
Maysville Manufacturing Company, Doors, Sashes, Etc. R. A. Carr, Coal Dealer
Thomas A. Davis, Everything in Printing The White Place, Brisbois & Diener Maysville Brick Company, High Class Brick Magnolia Flour Mills, Merchant Millers
Emil Weis, Meat Dealer Robert M. Cartwell, Express Agent Lewright Browning, Attorney at Law J. W. Elgin, Insurance
Model Laundry Omar Dodson, Wholesale Grocer Maysville Surprise Store, Galanty & Alper Poyntz Brothers, Distillers
The Gable Brothers, Coal, Salt, Sand, etc. George Dye, Old Time Merchant Frank Devine, Real Estate Agent Bauer & Klipp, Buggies, Harnesses, Etc.
T. Dickson, Livery & Feed John T. Smith, Cigar Company Barkley's Shoe Store The Kentucky, A Bottling Company, James Summers, prop.
J. H. Pollitt, Golden Rule Grocery Lane & Easton, Contractors & Builders Charles W. Conrad, Staple and Fancy Groceries The Navarre Cafe,C. E. Martin, Prop.
F. F. Gerbrich, Piano's, Phonographs, etc. John W. Porter, Funeral Director The Racket Store, L. H. Young & Co. The Art Shop, W. D. Oldham, Prop.
Miss Bessie Wells, Artistic Millinery G. W. McDaniel & Co.  Coal, Cement and Salt Reed & Dawson,
Cement Contractors
Mrs. M. Archdeacon, Fashionable Millinery
J. H. Cummings, Funeral Director The Hendrickson Paint Company, Paint Manufacturers Southern Cigar Manufacturing Company, Power & Dalton, props. Schwartz & Son, Fresh & Smoked Meats
Pastime Theater


How Maysville's G. W. Geisel sold catchup.

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