Part 3


Ball MAchine SHop Maysville Bus Ellington's
Ball & Mitchell, c. 1900
On the n.e. corner of Limestone & 2nd
Limestone and 2nd
from a Facebook post by David Campbell
from a Facebook post by Ron Bailey


  Coughlin's Undertaking & Livery
  Coughlin's Undertaking & Livery
“Having purchased the livery business of Pollitt & Downing, Mr. Coughlin later bought the undertaking business of Myall and Shackleford, combining the two at his elegant establishment on West Third.”


R. A. Carr's Maysville Coal Maysville Coal
R. A. Carr's, believed to be
at 4th and Plum
Maysville Coal Farley's Flour & Feed


Higgins Pearce & Foster, Ice Myall & Calvert Undertakers
Higgins & Slattery
Pearce & Foster, Ice Myall & Calvert Undertakers
from a Facebook post by Lisa Collins


Parker & Riley C. L. Mains Union Oil the Right Spot
Parker & Riley C. L. Mains
“The Original Patented Pipeless Furnace”
Union Oil
key to names
The Right Spot, on Forest
from a Facebook post by Tom Roberson,
picture by his Mother, August, 1939


Short & Kain Short & Kain Keith Schroeder harness makers McCartney Hotel
Short & Kain Blacksmiths and Rubber Tiring
At the corner of Limestone & Second
Makers of Hillside Plows, Smokestacks, Iron Balconies, & Fire Escapes
Keith-Schroeder Harness Makers
On East Second
McCartney Hotel
2nd & Limestone
1937 Flood


Vance's Interior Vance's Interior Vance's
Vance's Interior, Dan Ryan behind the counter
from a Facebook post by Jim Rannes
Vance's, 1937
from a Facebook post by Duke Ford
from a Facebook post by Janie McDonald Herzog
Vance's was at 2nd and Stanley Reed  



Gallipolis (Ohio) Journal, June 17, 1852


Hutchinons Gable Brothers Coal Hutchinson's Grocery
M. C. Hutchinson's Grocery and Residence Gable Brothers Coal
s.e. corner of 2nd & Short
Hutchinson's Grocery
from a Facebook post by Pamela Regenstein


Maysville Stockyards Maysville Stockyards Maysville Stockyardsnew
Maysville Stockyards, 1969


Dieterich's Dieterich's Dieterich's Farm Implements
Dieterich's on Market Dieterich's Greenhouses,
just below the cemetery
from a Facebook post by Jim Wilson
F. Dieterich's Farm Implements
On 2nd, between Market and Limestone
More on C. P. Dieterich's is here.  


H. C. Barkley Bee Hive Dry Goods and Millinery G. F. Brown's G. F. Brown's Omar Dodson's Wholesale Groceries
H. C. Barkley Spot Cash Store Bee Hive Dry Goods and Millinery G. W. Rogers Wholesale Liquors G. F. Brown's China Palace   Omar Dodson's Wholesale Groceries


Ryders Hutchinson's Grocery Hutchinson's Grocery
W. H. Ryder's Paint Store Lee's Clothing
Second & Market
St. Charles Hotel
On Front Street, west of Market


Ryan's Packing Ryan's Drug Ryan's Drug
Ryan's Packing,
earlier, Weis Packing
Ryan's Drugs
from a Facebook post by Buddy Jacob Henderson
Ryan's Drugs


The Pickle Hutchinson's Grocery White Light
Duke Transit, a.k.a. The Pickle
Thanks to David Tuel for graphics
Wallace's Restaurant
Market and Front
White Light



1419 E. Second Street, near Beechwood Park
The building was earlier used as a car barn for the Maysville street cars.

Mason Line