Mason County Cabinet Makers

Year Artisan Comments
1792 Thompson, Wm. Cabinet Maker
1799 Lee, Daniel Apprenticed to Washington cabinetmaker
1799 Naylor, John of Washington, had apprentices
1803 Tuttle, Peter Cabinet Maker
1811 Osborne, Benj Apprenticed for 4 years
1813 Mitchell, John Took apprentices; had two cabinetmaking sons
1816 Gibson, George Took apprentices to 1820; cabinetmaker and dealer
1816 Morris, Chas Apprenticed to chair maker
1819 Bland, Micajah Carpenter & Joiner
1819 Froman, Jas. Apprenticed to Joiner/Carpenter for 3 years
1824 Guluck, Lawrence Clockmaker
1825 Jones, Peter said to be cabinetmaker
1826 Duncan, Thos maker of chairs and beds; died 1826
1826 Hayes, P. Chair Maker
1826 Rankins, Elkanah Orphan, apprenticed to Joiner
1827 Mackey, Wm. Cabinet Shop, retail and wholesale
1828 Cropper, Henry w partner Moss, Windsor Chair makers, in a house formerlty occupied by Gen. Gibson
1830 Clark Cabinet Maker
1830 Mitchell, Andrew carried on his father John's business of furniture making and funeral activity
1830 Mitchell, Boone carried on his father John's business of furniture making and funeral activity
1832 Calvert, Archibald took apprentices
1832 Wallingford, Mark Apprenticed to Cabinet Maker for 4 years
1835 Throop, Phares Chair and Cabinet Factory owner
1850 Brown, David House Joiner; Master Carpenter; took apprentices
1850 Chinn, Geo Made tables, sofas and other pieces
1850 Thompson, Tom A. Cabinet Maker
1859 Breckenridge, Clayton Chair Maker in Fern Leaf
c. 1800 Evans, Isaac Furniture maker
c. 1830 Logan, J Cabinet Maker



This information was compiled from A Checklist of Kentucky Cabinetmakers, by Edna Talbott Whitley, Paris, KY in 1969.  Mrs. Whitley had an interest in who might have made various pieces of antique furniture.