Disgusting Orgies


Some of Maysville’s Fast Young Men Aping Cincinnati and New York Toughs

Some of Maysville’s fast young men and sports have been trying to ape Cincinnati and New York toughs this week, if all reports are true.  It is common talk on the streets that this crowd secured a room Monday night in this city, and had the frail females connected with a theatrical company to give a “couchee-couchee” dance. (The YouTube video)

Last night they planned to repeat the disgusting performance, it is said, but the police got on to it and they had to cross over to Aberdeen to give the show.

People who have read of the recent orgies in Cincinnati and New York know what a “couchee-couchee” dance is.

It is said that those who witnessed the performance had to plank down $2 each.

The parties who originated these orgies in New York are to be indicted, says a dispatch, and the Cincinnati police are after the gang in that city.


Evening Bulletin, January 13, 1897. See the video of a couchee couchee dance.