A Fresh Lot


THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. - A fresh lot of freight was just landed safe here today, from the State of Kentucky.

They were all hearty stout men, and who had the unspeakable joy to meet two of their old friends on board of the ferry boat. Their joy seemed to be inexpressible when they all landed on the Canada shore. 
We have just learned from another branch of this road, that another lot will soon be here, the cars have only stopped to take on a little more freight.

Since the above was written, a woman with 8 children and one grandchild, have arrived on the last train. They ran away from Rice Bolton, of Dover, Ky. These were all the slaves which he possessed. This woman wishes to say to her old master, that she has landed safe with all of her children, and that she unexpectedly met with her brother Thornton, in Canada, within ten minutes after she landed here, and that she found him doing well. She also thanks him for selling her two eldest daughters to the soul-drivers for $1800, for it was this that caused her to flee away with them to a land of liberty. - Voice of the Fugitive. 


Frederick Douglass's Paper, April 8, 1853