A post village of Mason county, situated on the Ohio river, about 12 miles below Maysville, the capital of the county, and 76 miles east north-east from Frankfort.  A considerable quantity of tobacco and hemp is exported from this place. The village contains several churches, large steam flouring and saw mills, some twelve or fifteen stores and tobacco warehouses, and an equal number of mechanical trades. Population about 900. J. Peck, postmaster

Business Directory


Anderson, J. H. general store
Bell, Miss H. school teacher
Cradit, J. W. blacksmith
Hall, William school teacher
Hanna, Edward carpenter
Hanna, George carpenter
Henderson, J. H. councilman
Hiles, H. general store
Hiles, C. councilman
Hiss, J. C. livery stable
Jennings, A. D. councilman
Lee, Willis proprietor, Lee House
Long, Wm. marshall
Long, Wm. saloon
McCoy, J. T. & Son proprietors, saw mill
McMillan & Hess dealers in coal and lumber
Manning, A. J. wagon maker
Munzing,Wm. saloon
Osburn, John of Riddell and Osburn
Parker, Rev. W. H. Methodist
Peck, J. postmaster
Peck & Bennett dealers in drugs and groceries
Ream, George shoe maker
Reynolds, J. W. police judge
Riddell, Wm. of Riddell and Osburn
Riddell & Osburn general store
Smith, M. village clerk
Smith, Malin physician
Sullivan, C. T. tailor
Tabb, L. councilman
Tabb, W. E. & Co proprietors, steam flouring mill
Thomas, John physician
Thomas, W. F. grocery store
Triplett, P. R. physician
True, Samuel grocery store
Veach, A. D. blacksmith



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860