A small post village of Mason county, in the north-eastern part of the State, situated on Stone Lick Creek, 8 miles from Maysville, the capital of the county, 80 miles east north-east from Frankfort, 65 miles from Covington, and by stage routes 8 miles from Maysville and 9 from Mount Carmel. It contains a Methodist Church, one lodge (I. O. O. F.) one water flouring and saw mill, several hotels, two general stores, three physicians, two attorneys, two magistrates, two bakers and confectioners, one private banker, two beef and pork packers, one weaver, two distilleries, several tanners, one lime manufactory, two milliners, two surveyors, various mechanical trades, and several resident planters. Population 100.  Post office established about 1830. Johnson McKay, postmaster.

Business Directory

Anno, E. milliner
Ball, -- physician
Ball, J. M. hotel proprietor
Baugh, Joseph blacksmith
Beckner, William teacher
Boe, John D beef and pork packer and dealer
Bradley, D. S. magistrate
Bullock, Wm. G. surveyor
Caldwell, A. ambrotypist and daguerrean
Caldwell, A. carriage and wagon maker
Collins, Thomas magistrate
Cooper, R. physician
Cooper, Dr. R. surveyor
Cooper, R. L. druggist
Corgell, C. hide and leather dealer
Corgell, Joseph beef and pork packer and dealer
Cox, H. H. nurser and seedsman
Daniel, L. boots and shoes
Debell, J. coal dealer
Digman, Julius attorney at law
Enix, Mrs. milliner
Enix, Henry blacksmith
Grant, G. real estate agent
Hedges, --- attorney at law
Howard, J. saddle and harness maker
Howard, J. B. general merchant
Howard, J. B. physician and coroner
Howard, P. baker and confectioner
Kennon, C. dentist
Linsey, R. A. woolen manufactory
Looman, -- shingle maker
McKay, J. hotel proprietor
McKay, J. mason and builder
McCay, Johnson postmaster
McCay, Johnson general merchant
Parker, G. water flouring and saw mill proprietor
Parsons, E. H. tailor
Phillips, Wm. distiller
Pollard, S. coal dealer
Pollette, A. druggist
Pollette, R. carriage and wagon maker
Pollette, Wm. geneal merchant
Queen, William wine and liquor dealer
Queen, W. H. livery stable proprietor
Ross, L. pump maker
Ross, Thomas carriage and wagon maker
Shipler, E. P. ambrotypist and daguerrean
Skinner, R. blacksmith
Stephenson, S. mason and builder
Trestler, H. cooper
Webster, J. general merchant
Webster, J. hotel proprietor
Webster, Joseph baker and confectioner
Webster, Joseph   boots and shoes  



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860